Gaddy Games is an independent Video Games studio. We develop indie games (no advergames anymore).

If you are interested in our services or if you have any question, please contact us:


Nicolas Gadenne - Programmer with 6+ years of experience. Specialized in Unity (C#) and Flash (as3).

Worked at Eugen Systems, Vivendi games, MKO Games, Punchers Impact

  • Email : nicolas.gadenne [at]

Say Hang
Worked on Dig or Die (graphic makeover).

Say HANG - 2D/3D Artist. Worked at Shen, Visiware, Kylotonn, Dancing Dots, Magic Pockets.

  • +336 22 12 57 27
  • Email : sayhang01 [at]
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  • Marckorel
    Worked on Spell-Them-All, Scraplouk, Biscuits Mania, Chocobar Mania and Gaia Defense.

    Aurélien MARCK - 2D/3D Multimedia Artist. Specialized photoshop & 3DSMax, low poly + animation. Worked at Ubisoft, Eugen System, Puncher impact, Game Consulting.